Dave Talks Comics in 2016 - Part 1

A look back at the books I read and (comic book-related) tv shows I watched in January, February, and March of 2016

Astro City - Part 1

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Scalped: You Gotta Sin to Get Saved

Cloak and Dagger: Crime and Punishment

Spider-Man: A New Goblin http://davetalkscomicsnotes.blogspot.com/search/label/A%20New%20Goblin

The Shadow: Blood and Judgment

Avengers: Once an Avenger http://davetalkscomicsnotes.blogspot.com/search/label/Once%20an%20Avenger

Punk Rock and Trailer Parks


Jessica Jones (Season 1)

Star Wars: Clone Wars (Season 2)

DC's Legends of Tomorrow (Season 1)

Justice League Unlimited (Season 3)

Samurai Jack (Season 1)

Cover Art: DC/Marvel Cover Collage

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The Great Darkness Saga Part 7

01:39 Legion of Super-Heroes 296 - a number of plot threads are explored as the Legion tries to get back to business as usual following their epic battle with Darkseid and his minions

26:13 Additional Notes - letters page, annuals, layered plots, legion elections, hairstyles, final thoughts


Cover Art: Legion of Super-Heroes 296 by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt

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Luke Cage and Flash

01:25 Luke Cage Season 1 - Luke tries to set the record straight after a pillar of the community is murdered in cold blood only to find himself branded Public Enemy #1

12:32 Flash (2014) Season 1: Episodes 1-9 - Barry Allen uses his superpowers and teams up with the scientists of S.T.A.R. Labs and Central City Police Detective Joe West to defend the city from metahuman menaces that threaten it

Cover Art: Luke Cage (Mike Colter) and Flash (Grant Gustin)

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Superman Comics

00:00 Intro ...

01:18 Flipping through my short box of Superman and Superman related comics (Action, Adventures of Superman, DC Comics Presents, Superman, Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane, Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, etc.), reminiscing about ones that I’ve read and making notes about ones that I would like to buy ...

31:28 Outro ...

Cover Art: Adventures of Superman 424 by Jerry Ordway

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Batman Comics

00:00 Intro ...

01:26 Flipping through my short box of Batman and Batman related comics (Batman, Detective, Batgirl, Batman and the Outsiders, Brave and the Bold, etc.), reminiscing about ones that I’ve read, and pondering about how to organize books that seem to fall into multiple categories ...

29:26 Outro ...

Cover Art: Batman 306 by Jim Aparo

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Teen Titans Season 1 Part 2

00:00 Intro

01:25 Additional Notes - Origins, Trigon

03:53 Switched - Starfire and Raven have to overcome their differences and learn to use one another's superpowers after they accidentally switch bodies

11:48 Apprentice Part 1 - Slade sets a trap for the Teen Titans with the intent of blackmailing Robin into working for him

15:11 Additional Notes - Slade aka Deathstroke

18:10 Apprentice Part 2 - Robin is forced to work for Slade and fight his fellow Titans

25:26 Outro

Cover Art: Teen Titans Season 1

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The Great Darkness Saga Part 6

00:00 Intro

01:46 Additional Notes - The Last Days of Ma and Pa Kent

08:23 Legion of Super-Heroes 295 - the Legion battles a rogue Green Lantern who is defying the Guardians of the Universe and trying to discover the origin of the universe

41:34 Additional Notes - Universo, Time Institute

45:24 Outro

Cover Art: Legion of Super-Heroes 295 by Keith Giffen and Larry Mahlstedt

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Creatures Imagined and Real Mega Panel

00:00 - Part 1: Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon talk to comic book scholar Craig Fischer about their work on BPRD

24:46 - Part 2: Ben Towle talks about the history of funny animal comics which he researched while preparing to do his own funny animal comic, In the Weeds

48:55 - Part 3: Bud Root, William Stout, and Dustin Harbin talk to Jennie Law about drawing dinosaurs; unfortunately this part of the recording ends abruptly 20 minutes into what was closer to a 40 minute discussion

Recorded on June 18, 2016 at Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC

Heroes Con 2016 - 06/18/16 - [1:08:28] - Download MP3
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Small Press Expo 2016 Part 2

0:00 Intro

1:29 Day 2 Highlights - Love and Rockets, Amiculus

14:50 Spotlight on Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes - Eric Reynolds (Fantagraphics) talks to Charles Burns and Daniel Clowes about their careers in comics and how their approaches to subject matter and the process of creating comics has changed over the years

26:21 Spotlight on Trina Robbins - A conversation between Trina Robbins and Heidi MacDonald about Trina's work in comics as a creator and a chronicler of the lives and work of other women in comics

39:36 Additional Notes - Lily Renee, Trina Robbins and Kickstarter, The Legend of Wonder Woman

43:15 Look Back and Looking Ahead - conventions, podcasting

46:04 Outro

Cover Art: SPX 2016 Attendee Badge by Gilbert Hernandez

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Small Press Expo 2016 Part 1

0:00 Intro

1:28 Before the Panels

7:36 They Shoot Black People Don't They - a presentation and meditation by Keith Knight (using his own words and cartoons) on the issue of police violence perpetrated against African American men in the United States

22:02 Spotlight on Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez - the Hernandez Bros. talked to comic book retailer Bill Boichel about their long running series Love & Rockets, their relationship with Fantagraphics, and some of their side projects

32:31 What I Bought - Tales of Unusual Circumstances by Joey Weiser, Bury the Past by E Baird, Space Captain by Chris Baldie and Michael Park

38:43 Forty Years of Fantagraphics - Comics Journal contributor John Kelly moderated a discussion with publisher Gary Groth and several artists (Joe Sacco, Trina Robbins, the Hernandez Bros, Drew Friedman, Jim Woodring, Dan Clowes, Carol Tyler) who have had works published by Fantagraphics about how the company got started, how it evolved, and what it was like working for Fantagraphics over the years

45:20 After the Panels - miscellaneous thoughts about the first day of the show

52:55 Outro

Cover Art: SPX 2016 Attendee Badge by Gilbert Hernandez

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